Matt’s eBooks are not only entertaining, easy to ready and informative, they are made with attention to detail. He organizes his material for easy access and he creates a layout that makes it easier to learn the material.

– Tom Honiss, Hartford, CT


The cool thing about the class is the 12 very detailed and in-depth dating books, each around 100 pages or more of content and then a different exercise each day that week to drill it into your head. His “Book 7 – How To Talk To Her To Win Her Over” blew me away!

Not only is this an amazing book, I think it’s the best dating book on conversation I’ve ever read, and that’s including stuff like [2 of a major company’s best selling books] which focus directly on conversation. The reason I say its the best is because Matt does an excellent job breaking down each concept in a very simple manner instead of making it more complicated than it has to be. For example, I had read about things like “qualification” many times, but I didn’t “get it” until I read his breakdown of it. It was an AHA moment for me and I used it to have a major breakthrough a few days later!

It’s very in depth as you can tell and each book is equally as in depth and covers pretty much every area of need from fashion to how to have good dates to relationships. I really feel as if I hardly ever have to read anymore dating books ever again because of the depth of the books. Whatever you need help with, it will be answered here!

– Kevin, Boston MA
(Taken from a larger review from a student of my mens dating class.)


I have been fortunate enough to read a number of Matt’s books on a variety of topics. And quite frankly, they are amazing!

First, Matt is simply a gifted writer – able to synthesize a lot of material into clear, concise, and impactful prose. And perhaps more importantly, he can use that prose to inspire. And that is a rare gift.

Also, beyond the content his books are beautifully formatted – in a way that is pleasing to the eye and makes the content easy to view and move through. And I say this as a professional who works in publishing and has seen tons of (often very poorly designed!) electronic products over the years.

So for anyone trying to express his or her thoughts, dreams, or business ideas via digital books I would say do yourself a favor and if Matt is offering his expertise – take advantage of it!

– Mike, Boston, MA