I wanted to let you know about some big changes in my life recently.

I have always wanted an asian woman in my life but I had no idea how wonderful women from China could be.  The stuff that you taught me allowed me to initiate a conversation with her and have dinner with her at the NYC Youth Hostel.  I felt relaxed and natural with her and kept the conversation light and fun.  After dinner we had an instant date by taking the train to Times Square and walked around.  All we did was talk and walk, I did not take her to anywhere fancy and expensive.  At the end of the date I kissed her because she had been laughing at all my jokes and it felt like the right thing to do!

I got married to Danielle on Novemer 20, 2012 in a simple ceremony at my local town hall by the Justice of the Peace. She is a Chinese citizen and is already back in China. I will be joining her in the spring to teach English there, near Hong Kong. I have already started a 120 hour program at the Boston Language Institute to get certified to teach Englsih as a second language. Danielle is a pediatric surgeon and has been practicing for ten years. I am very happy with her, she is fun, innocent, and intelligent. All these changes in my life have been pretty exciting so I had to share them with you!

Tom -Boston, MA



Matt, … from what I’ve read from you, you’re one of the rare ones out there who get women.

Nicole Abundance, Dating Coach
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



I think there’s some magical alchemy to having met with you. The night after we talked, I went to a(n) … event, and was asked out by a 35-year old! I’m 50… and I went out with him on July 4th. He’s a “young” 35 unfortunately, but it was still fun!

I just heard from a SECOND guy I met at the (e)vent the day after I met with you. I only talked with him briefly at the event, but he’s interested in getting together. I’m telling you, there’s some magic in meeting with you!

– H. C., Boston, MA



Thank you immensely! I know our conversation tonight really tipped into working and I’m immensely grateful for your time and help. Your time and compassion is greatly appreciated. You were far more seamless than most of the coaches I meet. I really like how it felt talking with you. 🙂

– Terri, North of Boston, MA




This video testimonial is from a student who attended a one hour theory session. Immediately afterwards he went on his first ever instant date, on his third approach.


I have seen Matt work with guys and his approach to coaching was very inspiring and effective. Having seen Matt work with guys in the real world, I have tremendous respect for the way that he coaches guys and leads them to an empowering place of self-discovery.

– Eric, Boston, MA


Great coach, obviously really knows what he’s talking about. Is able to get to the core of problems and give really solid advice. He is extremely observant and gives good feedback from watching you interact with women.

– Mitch, Boston, MA


I had a breakthrough watching how Matt translated “giving value in all your interactions” into his every interaction.

– Nakul, Boston, MA


Matt helped me realize two great problems of mine that I otherwise would have never realized.

– Peter, Boston, MA


Helped me personally to break through some limiting beliefs for meeting women during the day. Great guy to meet women with!

– John, Providence, RI



Matt was a great coach. When we first met, he had this immediate genuine and masculine presence that I knew I could both model and embody. Matt is humbling; with his immense dating knowledge he is able to demonstrate it and provide the instant applicable feedback that I needed. It was very important that he believed in me and my abilities because I had burdened myself with self-doubt. He was extremely instrumental in expanding my mind, effectively challenging both my limiting and negative thinking patterns as well as behavioral patterns. Matt is a very giving and natural leader. I was treated as a unique individual, and he was very flexible in catering to my needs.

– Jimmy, Boston, MA


When I first met Matt, I was awe-struck by his effortless, masculine vibe. Here was a guy who was comfortable and confident with himself, and I knew I had to learn from him. Matt was gracious enough to take me under his wing. He taught me how to behave like a Man. He helped me confront my demons head-on. Every day was a battle with my own negativity. He knew how to push me beyond my comfort zone. He helped me burn away the layers of insecurities that I fought so hard to mask. It was the toughest thing I had ever gone through, and he stood right by me the whole way. What was the result? A woman recently said this about me. “You know, Drew. You’re not like most guys. Most guys are…cheap. They’re bountiful. They’re a dime a dozen. It’s like, I can have any guy I want, if I wanted. You, you’re a rare kind of guy. You’re not a “cheap” kind of guy. You’re special. And I love that about you.” I am a better Man today than I ever was. I am pure of all insecurities. I have no shortage of confidence. I’ve achieved that masculine presence that I first saw in Matt. And with this new-found power, I am making my own destiny.

– Drew, Boston, MA


I just wanted to say thanks for coaching me yesterday.

You set the tone well with one particular question before we got started – “did you get into this in order to have long conversations with girls?”, in response to my explanation of strengths and weaknesses. The directness of this question was valuable in a “no excuses” kind of way.

I thought your intense focus on why I was doing what I was doing was really useful. It was also good to follow up and ask what worked and what didn’t immediately after the interaction was over.

Your suggestions to have a solid reason for doing everything I do – i.e. acting with deliberate volition whenever I do something in a set – made a lot of sense to me. I think a focus on being more systematic (and always asking “for what purpose?” about each action that I take) will pay off now and in the future.

– Andrew, Boston, MA


With in-depth explanations and applicable techniques, working with Matt was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had in some time. Matt showed me how to achieve my goals with women, and what I needed to practice in order to become the man I wanted to be. Under his guidance, I learned little-known tips about tonality, body language, and inner game to make me enjoy talking with women more. As a result, I am now successfully able to approach women, and have fun doing it, making me look all the more attractive. They say that experience is the best teacher, but experience with Matt is even better.

– Brian, Boston, MA


These are immensely powerful teachings you get with this. Matt is an expert in the world of seduction and coaching and this is well worth the price. He taught me a great deal of what I now know and has even directly helped me attain success. Matt has put his heart and soul into this crash course. You will not be disappointed!

– Andy, Bucharest, Romania


I took the crash course with Matt and this is not something you want to miss. When I went out with Matt he totally showed me just how possible it is to make a startling, 180 degree, serious change with women.

During the crash course weekend I literally received an astronomical amount of feedback on the various things I was doing: some right, many wrong. Anywhere we went he was pushing me into interactions and watching and working with me to make step-by-step improvements in stepping up my game.

I’m not even talking about simply meeting women. Matt took me to the barber and coached that dude on how to cut my hair and sculpt my beard (although he has since become my personal Hair Salon Don). We went to various retail shops where we not only met women there, but he went over shoes, shirt, pants, belts, how to stand, how to walk. How to meter my voice. Everything. Whatever I needed he was there to assist with.

Anyway. You get the point. Take his class. I asked him to coach me. He exceeded my expectations.

Bring a pen and notepad! The program he has laid out includes a ton of hours and I can tell you from experience, this dude will be giving you specific insight on the conversations starters you aren’t using but should be, the body language you should be displaying, and the order of operations you’d do well by adhering to when approaching women.

– Ian, Boston, MA


This crash course was unbelievable! I made more progress in one weekend than I did the past 3 months. This is INSANE value! Jump on this opportunity immediately!

– Drew, Boston, MA


Matt’s crash course was phenomenal! The role play was very helpful and realistic, it helped me to solidify the content that was presented in a real world fashion. All the information was explained in a professional, organized and concise manner. Please do not hesitate taking the crash course. I already tried several of the techniques I learned and had awesome results. The value that you will receive for the price is unheard of and will raise your success many more levels.

– D.N., Boston, MA


For the asking price I was blown away. Lots of instruction and lots of quality feedback from a quality instructor. We had a great room and PLENTY of time to pick Matt’s brain.

 The lectures were pretty well organized with power points and group exercises. We got a bunch of material and custom instruction based on our own personal needs.

 The group size (5 total students) was just perfect for the seminar and in-field sessions.

 The crash course was really intense and I am thoroughly burnt out from a very intense weekend.

 I would highly recommend the crash course, especially at this price. Just make sure you don’t have anything else going on for the weekend, because it is a lot of stuff in a little time.

– Tommy, California


The crash course was great. I learned so much at the lectures and infield, it was incredible. Matt really knows his stuff and is just looking for you to succeed. He really pushed me waaaaayy out of my comfort zone during the daytime workshop and I ended up getting a number, and having a friend of a girl I approached call me two days later… lol. Also I put the skills I learned in the crash course to use when I went to visit my brothers college on Sunday night and ended up spending the night with a girl I met there. Thanks Matt.

– Ross, Boston, MA


Awesome crash course! I would HIGHLY recommend taking this. A lot of material, a lot of live workshop, and a lot of support. A true bargain as well. 
I especially benefitted from the areas of BODY LANGUAGE & effective VERBAL COMMUNICATION.
– Mitch, NH


Matt’s crash course was pretty intense. It was a lot of material to cover in a short time. Matt starts out by telling his story & then we get right to it. We probably spend ten to twelve hours over three days just with lecture (before any workshops), taking notes & gaining an understanding of why things work the way they do & the deeper psychological reasons for this.

We write personal stories & practice storytelling. Rewriting & fine tuning as we go along. I never realized the subtle power of words. One right word can raise interest, one wrong word gets you blown out. So many seemingly innocent things I never think about will make a difference. Lot’s of work on out stories. We try to write our own stuff so it’s personalized. We practice over & over.

Friday night before heading out, Matt even drew a diagram of the venue so we could be familiar with it. I was nervous as I drove there for our first night out. Meeting woman in bars was never my thing. I was rattled. I needed to walk around the block to try to get my mojo back. Out on the street I walked up to every person I saw just to say hello & then right back into the club. I am encouraged to approach another group & this time I got some traction & was able to continue the interaction for a few minutes before ending it. By the end of the night I had talked to at least twenty five people with varying degrees of success & I felt pretty good about that. Just the fact that I talked to that many people in a bar was an amazing accomplishment.

Later we get to the feedback session. I am told I am in the learning stage of conscious incompetence. I believe it. That is so much better than unconscious incompetence (failing without realizing why). At least I have some pretty good ideas why I’m failing. And actually, failing is one of the goals of the approaches. The only way the body will get over the fear is to fail until you realize it doesn’t matter.

The next day we practice again before going out. I have problems when first approaching a group of women. We work on my issues and practice this over & over & over, sometimes in slow motion. We even take film so I can see what I look like.

We work hard on my body language. My whole life I have been conditioned to be the Nice Guy, & it’s so hardwired that even when we practice I can’t help but be the Nice Guy. It’s a problem. I guess I knew that before but now it’s crystal clear.

Sat night we were right back to the club. This time it was much more crowded. Talking to women was a little less intimidating in this setting & although I was still getting rejected on regular basis, it was a easier to take. There were a few good interactions that I felt good about. By this time I was introducing myself to everyone, including the guys, something I would have never done before. I looked around the bar saw all these guys just standing there with one hand stuffed into their pocket, holding a beer in front of them like they’re waiting for some woman to just walk up to them & I thought to myself, “That was me just a few days ago.”

On Sunday we review fashion, among other things. I am impressed with the level of detail with which we review fashion, & I am forced to take a hard look at myself. My clothes, my style, my haircut. They all need to change (I am even advised to burn some of my clothes!) but in the end I know he is right. Later we even go to try out shirts for sizes. I always thought I dressed ok, not great, but I now realize I am sabotaging myself even before heading out the door in the morning. I am amazed by the idea that so much effort & planning is required before you even step into that club, or approach a woman on the streets.

We got to the mall late in the afternoon. As soon as we are inside, Matt nods his head toward an elegantly dressed woman walking by & quietly says “Go get her.” (really? I thought.. no warm up?) I catch up to this woman & introduce myself. She is beautiful with a European accent & seems flattered that I wanted to talk to her. We talk for a minute & she goes on her way. A good interaction. As I walk back I cannot hide the grin on my face. I cannot believe I just did that!

This crash course was a great experience. I have studied this material in some form or another for several years but until now have never taken real action. This was real action. Without being pushed I would have never met all those women. Never. It sure wasn’t easy, but those interaction, clumsy as they were, represent success. It allowed me to experience what is possible (instead of just reading about it) & although there is a lot of work to be done I am thrilled with my results so far.

Looking back at this weekend just made me smile. Matt is a great teacher & has a really entertaining style. I am also struck by how much he genuinely cared about his students & wants them to do well. Needless to say, I would highly recommend working with him.

– Neil, Boston, MA


I was in the same crash course with Neil and I must say, I agree with every word of his review. Yes, it was intense and a lot of valuable information to absorb in a very little time. I got a lot out of this crash course and got myself to a different level than where I was before I took it. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to improve his skills with women quickly. Matt knows his stuff well and he knows how to teach that stuff which makes all the difference because unless a coach knows how to teach well, he’s not a coach. For that price, I’d say, do yourself a favor and jump right in, there will be no regrets.

– Ankur, Boston, MA



Very grateful for the help you have given me. This course helped change my life!

If you want to make progress quickly, you should find a coach/mentor who already has the success you want – and who can show you how to get there. Someone who can reshape the limiting beliefs which are preventing you from having what you want right now. Someone who has a vision for you that is even greater than the grandest vision you have for yourself.

Matt’s course is all of these things. And he grossly undercharges for his work, in my humble opinion.

I have made massive progress in the past few months in all areas of life, in large part because I am currently working with four different coaches/therapists (and that’s not counting Matt, as I’ve completed his course already).

Fear is truth on pause. To anyone thinking about the course: You guys should sign up and go for it!

– Joe, Boston, MA


Seeing that the next round of Matt’s class is coming up, as a participant in the first round I wanted to chime in.

Basically I just wanted to say I had an amazing experience. I had been banging away with approaches but had gotten increasingly frustrated by a lack of results despite my efforts.

Over the three months of the course I was really pushed through my sticking points regarding escalation in a profound and important way. So my results went from a handful of flakey numbers to (finally!) getting real results.

And that progress happened because I had a group and motivation to go out every week. And I had Matt live in person pushing me through my fear at key points (a RIDICULOUS value add to have that for 12 weeks when many dating companies charge 3k+ for a weekend bootcamp of in-person coaching!).

And also, the daily exercises really helped me work through some issues of shame and fear I had. They were intelligent, well honed, and very practical. I especially thought the work on beliefs and goal setting were worth the price of the course in and of themselves. You might have other things you want to work on but the course is so comprehensive I bet you’ll find some answers.

Now don’t get me wrong – it was hard. A lot of work – I didn’t do every exercise or make it to every outing. I was frustrated at times. I was pissed off at times.

But it worked. And not just for me. I saw a bunch of the guys make huge (and pretty inspiring) progress.

-Vince, Boston, MA


Matt’s class was worth the time and the money invested. I made every effort to attend each session and found that over the course of the session I had learned various skills that were of value.

I had become persistent with women, I had gained new found confidence in my ability to interact with them, and I had gained a sense of social intelligence.

As a life long introvert, this was a complete 180 from what I was used to accomplishing. Furthermore, I found the personalized attention during in-field coaching was exactly what I needed to get over the hump of learning these valuable skills in dating and relationships.

– Mike, Hartford, CT


I’ve spent a good amount of money on courses, and none of them ever seemed like they ever took ME into consideration. They always propounded a rubric of things to say and do, which always made me feel like I had to be someone else in order to have the success with women that I wanted. Like I needed to put on a freaking furry top hat or do magic tricks to get the girl. Tricks. That’s what the courses always seemed like to me… and it was daunting.

I signed on with Matt because from the first time he and I spoke about coaching, he always spoke to me on my level, where I was at, how I would benefit from his course given where I was at, and he opened up my eyes to totally new perspectives on dating, which, in the end, were what formed the foundations of the new life I’m living now.

I told Matt that I didn’t need to sleep with 1,000 women, or be some pickup artist. “You don’t have to,” he said. Immediately the pressure was off, and I knew this course would be different. Some guys like the pressure. They perform better and need the big push. — and I’ve seen Matt actually give that big push, and the guys perform as a result — I, on the other hand, needed some internal work, and that stuff can’t be pushed. And Matt knew that. It was like he understood what MY needs were, what I needed, and he met me there.

So… results…

Since going through Matt’s course, I:

  •  am in an open relationship with a wonderful woman (never thought I’d be able to do that before!)
  • am dating multiple women without using tricks, and am able to feel like myself, and just BE myself — and they LOVE it!
  • know that girls will like me when I talk to them
  • have had my first threesome!

Thanks, Matt, for opening up my mind to how dating CAN be… how it doesn’t have to be a set of routines made by someone else. But it can simply be a new way of living my own life, being a better version of myself, and a much more fulfilling lifestyle!

-Ennis, Boston, MA


This class was a lot of fun. Literally every single guy in the program got better and made great strides in their game. Vince illuminated what the overall structure was like, i’ll go in a different direction and give you specific example of the class.

By week 7, every guy had done something awesome, there was no such thing as being afraid to approach women, every guy could hold their own. Week 7 however was something I looked forward to as we would get into detailed specifics about conversation which was a sticking point of mine (we had done a lot prior but this was the next level). The cool thing about the class is that its not just Matt pushing you on class nights and days for 12 weeks its also 12 very detailed and in-depth dating books, each around 100 pages or more of content and then a different exercise each day that week to drill it into your head. Book 7 – “How To Talk To Her To Win Her Over” blew me away.

Not only is this an amazing book, I think its the best dating book on conversation I’ve ever read, and that’s including stuff like Love System’s “Routines Manual” and “Magic Bullets”, John Sinn’s work, which focus directly on convo. The reason I say its the best is because Matt does an excellent job breaking down each concept in a very simple manner instead of making it more complicated than it has to be. For example, I had read about things like Qualification many times, but I didn’t “get it” until I read his breakdown of it. It was an AHA moment for me. I used it to have a seamless one night stand a few days later.

Some of the highlights of this specific book were..

  • A complete breakdown of Indirect opening, Direct opening and 3rd way which no one else talks about (and over 20 strategic ways to open within these frameworks).
  • The effective “chunking up/chunking down” concept. That might sound vague, but it’s a cool thing .
  • Everything you’ve wanted to know about how to transition, create open loops, coldread, tell a story, and use humor.
  • Creating and breaking rapport.
  • etc…

It’s very in depth as you can tell and each book is equally as in depth and covers pretty much ever area of need from fashion to how to have good dates to relationships. I’ll be honest though, some of it I didn’t get much out of but only because I had some of it down already or wasn’t in a position to implement it (making tweaks to my apartment to make it more inviting). That being said, I really feel as if I hardly ever have to read anymore dating books ever again because of the depth of the program. Whatever your sticking point, it will be answered here.

The best part though was perhaps the relationship all the guys formed, by the end of a 12 week trial by fire, it really felt like a brotherhood of sorts. Our final night was also perhaps one the most rewarding and fulfilling nights I’ve had in a while… it also ended in the most hilarious fashion too. But that was just my adventure… I highly suggest you take this class and create your own.

– K, Boston, MA


I compared this to a major company’s 8 week program at a cost of $12,000, plus expenses. Then I ran some numbers and put the value of the mentorship and coaching program at around $20,000. Actual cost $400.

Nu’f said.

– Mark, Boston, MA


I recommend Matt’s mentorship and coaching program to all people who are new to dating.

I did a crash course with him and it greatly helped me in my progress. I have seen also the results of the guys who took his class. They have made giant steps.

Don’t view it as a magic pill or an end-all-be-all. View it as an investment in your growth. What Mark says is true, the value is way more than the cost of it. I know it because it was exactly the same with the crash course.

So, if you’re new, feel you’re stuck or making slow progress, consider it seriously.

Jalil, Boston, MA


Dedicated to helping others improve.

– Warren, Boston, MA


Matt. Dude dresses like he’s got an edge, and a razor sharp one.  You see him and think “Danger?  Danger is exciting.  This guy is exciting.”

– Thatcher, Boston, MA

Solid. Game.

– Dave, Boston, MA


This guy knows how to find a woman and go for her.

– Matt, Boston, MA