Speed dating is an event where singles sign up to meet other singles. The event allows for very quick dates with many different people and you basically look for someone you might be compatible with. Typically there is an organizer or host running the event and he or she is in charge of sitting the men and women at tables.

A man and a woman will each sit at a table for a specified period of time. It could be two minutes or ten minutes, depending on certain variables like how many people are at the event and how long the event is. During this period of time though, the two will ask each other questions and get to know a little about each other. They have the opportunity to quickly get a run down on each person and decide if they are someone they might be interested in getting to know a little better after the event.

It’s been said that if there’s chemistry between two people they will immediately recognize during it their conversation. An interesting fact about speed dating though, is that a lot of times what people want “changes” if they are attracted to someone this quickly. For instance, studies have proven that outside of the event you know you want certain traits in a mate, but inside the event what you think you want can actually change to meet the qualities of the person you are attracted to.

When the time is up then the women or the men will move to the next table and talk to another person. After all of the couples have met and spoke to everyone, they will give the numbers of the people or say which people they are interested in. If both people show an interest then they have the opportunity to communicate and go out together.

Some speed dating events allow couples to exchange information with each other also if they hit it off right away, yet this is against the rules at other events. In cases where it is against the rules, you might have to go back to the website of the person or organization running the event and enter for results there. If there are any matches from people who put in their results already, you will be notified at that time. However, if someone else enters their results later you will be notified of the match by email.

Speed dating isn’t for everyone, but some people really like the fun and excitement of meeting new people and just love finding dates this way. Yet other people like this method because they get to meet the someone in person and talk with them face to face rather than online or by going on a blind date. At the very least, it breaks up a boring dating life.

~Matt Adams