Personal Dating Assessment

There are many different aspects to dating and to the untrained eye, it can very difficult to pinpoint exactly where your issues are. That’s why I developed my comprehensive Personal Dating Assessment. It offers both men and women an in depth look at the areas in dating and identifies where they need the most help. This questionnaire is comprised of almost 80 questions that rate you in 12 different areas of your dating life.

You will read through each question and choose an answer. Some answers are pre-written multiple choice answers and others require you to write in your own answer. After you fill out all of your answers, I read through each of them thoroughly. Every answer is rated and given a rank of 0, 1, or 2 points each, for a maximum of 10 points in each area.

When I’m done plugging in the numbers, you get a graph that looks like this. The lower the number, the more improvement you need in that area. We’ll have a 30 minute phone conversation so I explain your results and give you advice on what you need to do to improve in each area. We’ll come up with an action plan and establish the next few steps you need to take to get your dating life back on track.

Contact Matt for the Comprehensive Dating Assessment.