Personal Dating Assessment For Men

    1. Have you ever had a girlfriend?

    2. How many?

    3. How many girls have you had sex with?

    4. How many girls do you want to have sex with?

    5. Do you end up in the "friend zone" with women you want?

    6. Are you frustrated when it comes to women?

    7. Do you have goals?

    8. Do you know how to write your goals?

    9. What are some of your goals? (brief descriptions)

    10. Are you actively working on them?

    11. If yes, how are you working on them?

    12. Are you confident with women?

    13. Are you a "nice guy"?

    14. Do you feel like being yourself isn't enough?

    15. Choose the option that best describes your current employment status:

    16. Choose the option that best describes your current transportation status:

    17. Are involved in any activities? If so, what?

    18. How many friends/acquaintances do you have?

    19. Do you:

    20. Is your apt/house/room:

    21. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the decor? (1 = low)

    22. Is there anything fun/entertaining to do at your place?

    23. Are you prepared to have female guests?

    24. Do you live in an area close to where people go to have fun?

    25. Are you fashionable?

    26. Do you know how to find clothes your size?

    27. Do you own a good pair of jeans?

    28. Do you own a good pair of shoes?

    29. List a few of your personal hygiene habits that you do everyday.

    30. Do you own anything that needs to be dry cleaned?

    31. Do you have good posture?

    32. Do you know what your body language says about you?

    33. Are you aware of the signals you are sending women?

    34. Can you read her signals?

    35. Can you respond to her signals?

    36. Can you recognize when you are making someone nervous/scared/creeped out?

    37. Do you know what types of girls you are looking to date?

    38. If so, what types? (it you don't know type "I don't know.")

    39. Are you comfortable approaching girls you don't know?

    ]40. Can you maintain eye contact with girls?

    41. Do you have a firm handshake?

    42. Can you get phone numbers from girls you just met?

    43. Can you hold a conversation with girls you just met?

    44. Do you run out of things to say?

    45. Do you ask girls lots of questions?

    46. Can you tell interesting or funny stories?

    47. Can you convey your good qualities without bragging?

    48. Do you know how to connect with a girl?

    49. Do you know how to flirt?

    50. Can you kiss a girl you just met?

    51. Is kissing a girl on a first date easy or awkward?

    52. Have you ever made out with a girl at a bar or club?

    53. Are you comfortable touching girls you just met?

    54. Can you go from touching a girl in a friendly way to touching her a sexual way?

    55. Are you actively dating?

    56. What types of things do you do on dates?

    57. How often do you see a girl before you make her your girlfriend?

    58. Are your dates fun or serious?

    59. Do you have a date plan that you know inside and out?

    60. Can you get a girl to come into your apt/house, or get into her place?

    61. Can you transition to sex smoothly?

    62. Are you and experienced lover?

    63. Can you fulfill a girl sexually?

    64. Are you comfortable having sex with a girl for the first time?

    65. On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rate yourself as a lover?

    66. Do you know the difference between "no" and "not yet?

    67. Do you have children now or want children someday?

    68. Do you know what type of relationships you want with girls and can you have them?

    69. How long can you maintain the types of relationships you want?

    70. How many girls have you dated at the same time?

    71. Do you want to date one steady girlfriend or more than one girl at the same time?

    72. Are you looking to get married now or in the foreseeable future?

    73. Is there one girl that you have a huge crush on, that you are probably over-fixated on?

    74. My ideal goal with girls is to:

    75. When I become romantically involved with a girl:

    76. Do you know how to filter for the girls you you want?

    77. Do you know how to change your dating process to get different types of relationships?

    78. Do you feel like you have your choice with girls?

    79. Please type in your full name or board handle.

    80. Please provide your email address.