Serendipitous’ Masterclass


After 2 full years in development (24 months), I’m officially announcing the 2nd Round of my 3-month program, Serendipitous’ Masterclass.

If you’re not familiar with me yet, I highly encourage you to read the testimonials from other people who have worked with me, and even get in touch with them personally, about their experience working with me. You can find many testimonials in my Bootcamp thread. You could also contact the people who were in the first round and get feedback from them.

Here’s the skinny on my 3 month program.

  • Every week you’ll get a new ebook that focuses on a new topic. Each book continues to stack your skills one on top of the next. The titles are as follows:— Book 0 – Course Introduction
    — Book 1 – Mindsets That Attract Women
    — Book 2 – Becoming Fascinating To Women
    — Book 3 – Making Your Place Women Friendly
    — Book 4 – Attracting Women In One Second – Part 1
    — Book 5 – Attracting Women In One Second – Part 2
    — Book 6 – Spot & Respond To Her Sex Signals
    — Book 7 – How To Talk To Her And Win Her Over
    — Book 8 – An Approach That Compels Her
    — Book 9 – Touches That Turn Her On
    — Book 10 – Dates That Get Her Ready
    — Book 11 – Ruin Her For All Other Men
    — Book 12 – Give Her The Relationship You Want
    — Book 13 – The Process

    Here’s a free ebook for you to get a feel for how they are in the program.

  • In addition to the reading material, there are also seminar videos for you to watch for additional training. Here’s an example of the type of content you’ll be receiving.[s3mv]StoryTellingEnd.mp4,480,360,false,false[/s3mv]
  • In addition to the ebooks and seminar videos, you’ll have assignments videos such as this one.[s3mv]Week00Day4.mp4,480,360,false,false[/s3mv]
  • In addition to the ebooks, seminar videos and assignments videos, I have recorded some audio interviews with notable names from the community. Though I’ll be adding more over time, current interviews include talks with:– Fade (from our group)
    – Magic PUA
    – London Paladin a.k.a. Jonathan Green
    – Nick Quick a.k.a. Adonis a.k.a. Charming Rogue
    – Steve Piccus (from
    The Game)
  • In addition to the ebooks, seminar videos, assignments videos, and audio interviews, and special for the guys here in Boston, we’ll also be going out together just about every week for day game and night game training (Friday night and Saturday afternoon). This long-term personal training is crucial for you to make solid progress in your learning.
  • One final point. Once you have access to the content in the program, you’ll always have access to the material, even after the course is over.

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately have access to Week 00’s assignments so you can get a head start on them. The last day to sign up is Saturday, May 19th. We’ll have a class meeting and go out that night. On Sunday, May 20th, Week 00 begins. You’ll have until May 26th to complete Week 00’s assignments. Our next outings as a class will be Friday, May 25th and Saturday, May 26th, and you’ll receive Week 01’s content on Sunday, May 27th. This pattern will repeat until the end of the course.

There’s only room for 10-12 students and the first round filled up fast.

By now you’re thinking Ok, this all sounds good, but how much is it going to be? Well, considering that my last bootcamp went for $350 (and sold out), and the first round of the course topped out at $400 and sold out, I’ll hold the price at $400 (plus fee). You can’t get this kind of training for this price literally anywhere in the world. For a comprehensive 3 month course, it’s pretty darn reasonable, and I’m sure you’d agree.

If you have any questions, you can text or call me at 617.419.0365 or leave a comment in the box below.


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