Matt Adams’ Dating Series For Men

My ebook series for men is designed to direct you through the most efficient way to learn about dating. The secret is the order in which you approach these topics and integrate them into your life. The secret about learning to date more women is that it’s about developing yourself into a better person, it’s not about lines. Women see right through your lines. What women look for though, is a man with his life put together, someone who can take care of himself and could take care of her and a family if things go that far. The secrets to becoming that high-value man can be found all through my series for men. If you’re interested in being the man women are looking for, then my series is the perfect guide for you.

Each successive book in the series helps you build on the previous topic and for best results it is my recommendation that you read through the series from book 1 to book 12.

Book 01: Mindsets That Attract Women

Before you get serious about meeting and dating women, you need to get serious about getting your mindsets straight. What if you could a 4 year head start on all the mindsets to adopt for fast results? With Book 01, you’ll identify what’s holding you back and exactly what you need to do to create your path to success. This is the mental road map that will guide the rest of your journey to success!

Matt Adams Dating Series For Men - Book 01 - Mindsets That Attract Women

Book 02: Becoming Fascinating To Women

A little self discovery and personal tweaks will go a long way. You’ll begin to enrich your life intellectually as you pick up new habits and socially as you begin to grow your social circle. From here on out, you’ll be the most interesting guy wherever you go. Now that’s attractive to women.

Matt Adams Dating Series For Men - Book 02 - Becoming Fascinating To Women

Book 03: Making Your Place Female Friendly

If you’re a typical bachelor you’re personal living space could use some help. In this book you will discover how you can customize your boring (and messy) space into a seduction palace! Book 03 also covers being the center of the social party and how you and your guy frineds can work together to meet women.

Book 03 - Making Your Place Woman Friendly

Book 04: Attracting Women In One Second – Part 1

Women are impeccable when it comes to their looks. The spend hours and trying to look their best, trying to get men (and other women) to notice them. If you want a woman to notice you, then you need to know what she knows, so you can attract her in one second.

Book 04 - Attracting Women In One Second - Part 1

Book 05: Attracting Women In One Second – Part 2

Fashion is the language of women, and it’s something they’ve grown up with their entire lives, so when a woman sees a man who knows how to put himself together she feels an instant attraction to him. Discover how you can dress for success, so you can attract women in just one second.

Book 05 - Attracting Women In One Second - Part 2

Book 06: Spot & Respond To Her Signals Immediately

First up is your body language and the 10 fundamental skills you need to master to be the ultimate communicator. Second is what no dating coach talks about to the depth in which it should be discussed; female body language. Discover all of her sub-conscious sex signals so that you know when to hold back and when to go for her.

Book 06 - Spot And Respond To Her Sex Signals

Book 07: How To Talk To Her To Win Her Over

The number one struggle for men with women is keeping a conversation going. After picking up the techniques in this book, talking to women is going to be a breeze. Master the basic and fundamental skills to create your own personal conversations with women and leave them riveted with you, wanting more after each interaction.

Book 07 - Hot To Talk To Her And Win Her Over

Book 08: An Approach The Compels Her

If you’ve been approaching women consistently but you’re not able to get results, this book is where you’ll really start putting everything you’ve learned and the changes are going to be deep. The crux of this book are the formulas for meeting women during the day, and during the night, so that you can build a long-lasting habit of bringing women into your life.

Book 08 - An Approach That Compels Her

Book 09: Touches That Turn Her On

Seduction is a contact sport, but in order to play the game you need to know the bases. That’s why Book 09 covers the physical moves that turn her on and get you out of the friend zone forever. By the time you’re done with this book you’ll be touching women comfortably and they’ll be loving you for it!

Book 09 - Touches That Turn Her On

Book 10: Dates That Get Her Ready

Dating is full of challenges and can be dull and boring if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are various ways to date and you’ll learn them all so you can pick which style fits your end goal, because what you want affects how you approach dating.

Book 10 - Dates That Get Her Ready

Book 11: Ruin Her For All Other Men

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a woman crave you like no other this is the book for you. You’ll be discovering seduction and sexual techniques that will set you apart from every other man. You’ll be the best she’s ever had and she’ll be coming back to you for more.

Book 11 - Ruin Her For All Other Men

Book 12: Give Her The Relationship You Want

Long-term tips and strategies for creating and maintaining the kinds of relationships that you want, how to retain your masculine power in relationships, essential communication skills, when and why and how to break up.

- Book 12 - Give Her The Relationship You Want

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The Full 13 Book Series Matt Adams Dating Series For Men

In the last book we’ll review the process you went through, giving you the bigger picture view of how to bring women into your life. You’ll discover how to create your own personal process to achieve your ultimate goals with women, as well as how you can apply the skills you’ve gained for things other than meeting women. This book is only available when you pick up the entire series.

Free Bonus! Book 13: The Process – Overview & Personal Customization

Book 13 - The Process