Most dating problems occur because either the two of you are not compatible, or you just aren’t communicating enough. Communication is the most important thing when you are dating though, and most problems occur because the two of you are having difficulty expressing your feelings or you aren’’t being clear about what you want.

When you both communicate with each other properly it is clear to both of you if you are compatible and have the same likes and dislikes. You can’t force a relationship if you’re both too different or if you have different goals for the relationship. It’s important to communicate about what you need and want from your relationship at the beginning so you both are satisfied and you don’t disagree about things later on.

The other thing that can cause problems with dating is if the two of you aren’t compatible but communicating properly will tell you if you are or not. Compatibility can be difficult, especially if one person in the relationship is needier than the other person. If one person wants their space and the other is very needy, it can make dating difficult.

But problems can, and often do occur when communication skills aren’t yet up to par. You have to be comfortable with the person you are with so you can talk to them. Being comfortable and being able to communicate will show you how compatible the two of you are. If you don’’t have these two things then you might just consider a good friendship.

Certainly there are other issues that come up, but 90% of the time dating issues will fall into these two categories.

~Matt Adams