Women in search for a knight in shining armor in “real life dating” should not lower her standards while searching online. She should keep her dream of having a prince charming come to her rescue. But having big dreams does not mean being too selective. Women should be selective but they shouldn’t limit their options exactly to their ideal man. Limiting your options will decrease the possibility of finding a good catch.

First thing you need to do is create an interesting profile. The content of your profile should be honest and true if you are looking for someone who’’ll be you’’re partner for a long and intimate relationship. Thus, put something on your profile that can make a good first impression. Your profile should be very well written, especially grammatically. With so many other women online and available, it’s is very easy for a man to skip over a half-assed profile. Take some pride in yourself!

You have to upload a photo. Many women are shy or don’t want to be judged on their looks, both perfectly reasonable, but 99% of men will not respond to an add without a picture. It’s just impersonal, like theres not a real person to connect with. Make sure your picture is you with your most attractive smile. I’ve seen some pretty bad smile photos. You want to look attractive, not crazy. Avoid overly sexual photos. Don’t feed the sharks, lol. You can upload sexy photos, but limit it to PG13 viewing.

Be advised that you may receive a great deal of messages from men. A lot of the guys on dating sites could improve their, uh, tactfulness, and so don’t be surprised if you get some straight forward messages. Click the delete button if you’d like. What you’re looking for is the guy who takes the time to say something about your profile and is looking to connect with you on a personal level. Or maybe he says something funny to break the ice. These are the guys who are putting in the effort, so keep your eyes peeled for these responses.

Let’’s include your safety. Make sure your common sense is working well. Do not give your personal home address to your online date. If you plan to meet up somewhere, have someone to accompany you or know about your plans. If you feel uneasy while on your date, you have the right to stop and cut off all contact between the both of you. It is better to be safe than sorry. That said, the majority of men are harmless, albeit still awkward or creepy.

~Matt Adams