This article is for men because men should be leading. I don’t see enough of that these days. While I believe men should be leading, I also believe that women should set the pace. These are the masculine and feminine roles we seem to have lost touch with. Men can lead by initiating the kiss, but the woman can accept or deny the kiss, depending on how fast or slow she wants it to go. So guys, if you get rejected, just take it as a sign that she’s not there yet. Rejection doesn’t need to be a giant blow to the ego. It’s more like a test to see where you stand.

The next tip I have for kissing is don’t wait until the end of the date to it. This might seem like a radical idea, but think about it. It’s puts way to much pressure on the both of you and can make the end of the date really awkward. Instead, I like to kiss somewhere in the middle of the date, usually about 2/3’s of the way through. Not only is it not expected, but if you have the emotional build up in the middle, it makes the end of the date more normal, especially if you go for another kiss.

First date kisses shouldn’t be marathon make out sessions either. A couple of light pecks at the cheeks might do, but I prefer a teasing kiss on the lips. It leaves your date wanting more. She’ll admire your ability to control yourself and you’ll pull her in and make her want more if you pull away first. Again, this boils back down to leading.

You have to feel comfortable enough with your date before attempting a kiss though, so more importantly than a kiss is an emotional connection. You need to first feel comfortable sharing your personal perceptions and experiences with your date, so make sure that’s happening before going for it or else you risk rejection. Not that rejection is bad, it isn’t, but it’s better to be smooth with your attempt to kiss her than it is to time it wrong, right? lol

The right time to kiss is usually the most romantic moment of the date. When you feel that you’’re close enough to your her and it’s an intimate moment, like when you’re sharing something personal. It doesn’’t need to be a big dramatic scene or a serious moment to go for the kiss. The right moment is often the most gentle moment. If you’’re talking while on a quiet walk through the park and you notice that she’’s looking directly into your eyes, this is one of those moments. Look back into her eyes and see if she’ holds eye contact long enough (5 seconds or more), give her a teasing kiss on the lips.

At the end of the date, you can give can kiss her again if you had fun with her. This time it will be a much more relaxing situation because you’ve already kissed once, so there’s no pressure. Again, no make outs. Save them for later. You want just enough kissing to leave you both reeling in the high of love. This pretty much guarantees a second date. 😉

~Matt Adams