Matt has over 11 years of experience coaching and mentoring people within the realm of dating and relationships and to date he’s coached hundreds of men & women to success. Matt’s journey began when he had finally had enough of a bad relationship and decided to do something about it. He signed up for a dating class and saw results in just 10 weeks. The men around him started asking him for help and he obliged. In the middle of a career change, Matt went back to school to obtain a degree in cosmetology. Naturally, conversation arose with women in the school about the help he was providing to men. Word spread fast and pretty soon all of the women were asking for dating and relationship help, even a couple of his teachers! After Matt became a licensed cosmetologist, he received overwhelmingly positive support from the female clientele in the salons who encouraged him to leave and pursue dating & relationship coaching full time. Matt spent two and a half years developing courses for men and women, has written over 25 books on essential dating and relationships topics, and many clients have reached their goals with his coaching.

Matt works with single men & women, and men & women in relationships. Results include going from single to dating, from dating to getting into a relationship, going from relationship to getting married, and turning bad or ineffective relationships into great and fulfilling relationships. Matt helps with all aspects of dating & relationships including:

– Creating your online dating profile
– How to get dates from online dating
– how to get dates from speed dating
– how to start dating if you have never dated before
– how to start dating after a long dry-spell
– how to start dating after divorce
– how to create a happy relationship
– how to communicate in relationships
– understanding what you want in your relationship
– being a great partner in your relationship
– how and when to get married, and much more.


For a One-On-One Introductory Coaching Session with Matt, fill out the form here and he will contact you by phone or email

The session can last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, and can be recorded for you to listen to again and again. An mp3 of the call can be sent to you just minutes after the call ends and all calls remain private.

Your investment in this session is $497.

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