Coaching With Matt

Dear Friend,

If you feel stuck with women, and want to live a life full of fun, adventure, companionship, where women are abundant and chase you, where you actually have to turn THEM down because you can’t possibly keep up with all of them, then keep reading, because your life is about to change forever.

How many times has this happened to you? You’re out somewhere, maybe a bar, maybe the supermarket, maybe even the post office. And you see a woman that you’d do anything to bring into your life. You know you want to talk to her but that feeling in your gut stops you dead in your tracks. Your stomach begins to knot and the pain is unbearable. Your palms being to sweat, your adrenaline kicks in.

Your mind begins to race to try and think of the perfect sentence to say and everything you think of doesn’t seem good enough. You struggle to overcome the fear and find the right words but before you can, her friend arrives and they wander off, never to be seen again. Or maybe you have struck up conversations but got stuck, and didn’t know what to say next. You stand there, deflated, wondering if you’ll ever be able to get it right.

You might be surprised to know that attraction can be learned and skills with women can be developed. What would happen if I revealed all of the most powerful attraction secrets to you? How would your love life look if you had the skills to effortlessly attract women… just by being yourself? Don’t you think that you’d be able to have the type of relationship you wanted? Don’t you think you’d be living a better, more fulfilling life? Wouldn’t you agree that you’d be a much happier man? Seriously. Think about it. Imagine just how different your life would be if you had these secrets.

Hi, I’m Matt Adams and I used to suck with women. For me, finding a girlfriend was a matter of luck, but when I did get lucky I kept ending up with girls I didn’t really want to be with and I stuck around because, well, finding a girl to date was hard! Let alone finding a better one, sheesh!

I would routinely end up in relationships that were full of drama, and break-ups and make-ups were all too common. I stayed with a girl who was a compulsive liar for two and a half years because finding and making a better woman my girlfriend seemed impossible. There were even times I had to bail her out of jail because she’d gotten herself into trouble and needed someone to rescue her. One night she even swallowed a bunch of pills and tried to kill herself. (She survived.) I can’t make this stuff up, it really happened to me.

Needless to say I was always on the lookout for a better girlfriend, but I had no idea how to go about meeting a girl and making her my girlfriend. That whole area of life was a mystery to me. I remember meeting girls who, when I look back on it now, clearly wanted me. I just had no clue at the time and when she figured that out, she wasn’t attracted to me at all anymore. I’d lose out, time and time again.

That’s when I started studying dating. Over the next 9 months, I read at least a hundred books, watched at least two hundred videos and DVD’s, and listened to countless audio products, trying to find the “silver bullet”. The one thing that would put it all together for me. The magic pickup line, or magic mindset, or anything that would get me results.

Doing things on my own was literally like trying to put a 5000 piece puzzle together without the picture on the cover of the box, and the whole picture was a brick wall. Just the same thing repeating over and over again, with no discernible differences. No one, single, obvious place to start putting the pieces together.

I was so fed up and sick of not getting what I wanted that I was getting really angry and frustrated with my life. I was putting all this effort in and I was going around and around in circles. It just wasn’t fair. There were plenty of women out there, amazing women, who were single and looking. Why couldn’t I meet any of them? Enough was enough. I finally admitted to myself that I couldn’t figure it out on my own. And that’s when I realized I needed to do something about it.

After I got past my ego of “being the man” and “not needing help”, that’s when things really began to change for me. I found out about a class being offered by a man who was dating multiple women. (And yeah, they even knew about each other.) I realized I had to seize the opportunity because I might never get this handled. I had to take that class and I had to figure this out, even though at the time I had a lot of things going against me. And I mean a LOT! Listen to this…

A few months before I learned about the class, the company I founded, ran and built up over 5 years had collapsed. Money was really tight for me. I had 2 young kids at home. My car was off the road. I didn’t have a working phone. I was nearly broke. I had every reason not to take the class. I definitely had more reasons not to than you do right now! But I decided that this was something I had to do. Whatever it took to figure this out is what I had to do. I left myself no other option. It was either succeed or die trying.

Honestly, hiring my coach and taking his class was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Looking back I can say it was the best investment I’d ever made in myself. Over the course of the next few weeks, the secrets of attraction and being good with women were revealed to me by my coach. I went from not being able to approach women, to having conversations and getting phone numbers. It was literally like having the keys to the entire city handed over to me. I could do anything, go anywhere, and I felt on top of the world.

With my coaches’ simple directions it didn’t take long, only about 9 or 10 weeks, until I was dating 5 new girls each week! And I don’t say that to impress you, I say that to impress upon you that it’s absolutely possible to get the kind of results you’re looking for with women. In fact, I did all of this without a job, being nearly broke and not having money, with a car that was barely legal to drive (I had actually gotten it back on the road by that point), with my 2 kids at home and without a working phone! So much for women wanting men for their money or possessions! And I wasn’t dating losers anymore either! These were quality women!

It wasn’t long before other guys were asking me for help because they saw the drastic changes I’d made in my life. Reluctantly, I started to teach other guys how to have success with women. Literally within a month of this 10th week I was teaching my first class. I’m still teaching today, 7 years later, even though my coach has moved on to bigger and better things. In fact, at this point I’ve taught hundreds of guys and spoken in front of thousands more. And now it’s time for me to assist you to achieving the same success that I, and the many men I’ve taught, have experienced.

If you act now, you can become just as successful, if not more than I am at dating. But… This opportunity is rare. I don’t take every client that comes my way anymore, only the ones who are truly dedicated to themselves, as I believe you to be, otherwise I wouldn’t have given this link and you wouldn’t reading this right now. My time is pressed, I have more things going on than I did before and creating openings in my schedule isn’t easy. But rest assured, I’m there for you 110%. I keep you on track, motivated, and moving forward effortlessly toward your goals.

And that’s good news for you. You know that I’m committed to your success, the whole way through. In the dating industry, it is next to impossible to find a coach with that level of dedication to his students because most “coaches” are doing one-off conversations. If and when that situation is even possible, the sheer cost is astronomical and completely unaffordable!


Hi Matt,

Very grateful for the help you have given me. This course helped change my life!

If you want to make progress quickly, you should find a coach/mentor who already has the success you want – and who can show you how to get there. Someone who can reshape the limiting beliefs which are preventing you from having what you want right now. Someone who has a vision for you that is even greater than the grandest vision you have for yourself.

Matt’s course is all of these things. And he grossly undercharges for his work, in my humble opinion.

I have made massive progress in the past few months in all areas of life, in large part because I am currently working with four different coaches/therapists (and that’s not counting Matt, as I’ve completed his course already).

Fear is truth on pause. To anyone thinking about the course: You guys should sign up and go for it!

– Jim, Boston, MA

Reason # 1: Most dating coaches offer between one and three days of training. They’ve come and gone with your hard-earned money before you get the chance to turn what you learn into lasting habits. One to three days is only good to get you past a bump in the road, and you don’t want to invest in yourself only to slip backwards and lose your results, especially when your coach flies off and disappears after your training. And believe me, I used to teach these weekend trainings too, before I discovered that I wasn’t really helping my clients to the best of my ability. That’s when I retired the program, and you can even see that here on my site.

What did work though, was long-term, personal training in a group environment. Why? Because it is so crucial for you to make tangible, irreversible progress in your learning, and with me in my class, this is exactly what you get. I’m there for you over and over and over again, guiding you all the way through your learning.


I’ve spent a good amount of money on courses, and none of them ever seemed like they ever took ME into consideration. They always propounded a rubric of things to say and do, which always made me feel like I had to be someone else in order to have the success with women that I wanted. Like I needed to put on a freaking furry top hat or do magic tricks to get the girl. Tricks. That’s what the courses always seemed like to me… and it was daunting.

I signed on with Matt because from the first time he and I spoke about coaching, he always spoke to me on my level, where I was at, how I would benefit from his course given where I was at, and he opened up my eyes to totally new perspectives on dating, which, in the end, were what formed the foundations of the new life I’m living now.

I told Matt that I didn’t need to sleep with 1,000 women, or be some pickup artist. “You don’t have to,” he said. Immediately the pressure was off, and I knew this course would be different. Some guys like the pressure. They perform better and need the big push — and I’ve seen Matt actually give that big push, and the guys perform as a result — I, on the other hand, needed some internal work, and that stuff can’t be pushed. And Matt knew that. It was like he understood what MY needs were, what I needed, and he met me there.

So… results…

Since going through Matt’s course, I:

  • am in an open relationship with a wonderful woman (never thought I’d be able to do that before!)

  • am dating multiple women without using tricks, and am able to feel like myself, and just BE myself — and they LOVE it!

  • know that girls will like me when I talk to them

  • have had my first threesome!

Thanks, Matt, for opening up my mind to how dating CAN be… how it doesn’t have to be a set of routines made by someone else. But it can simply be a new way of living my own life, being a better version of myself, and a much more fulfilling lifestyle!

-Ennis, Boston, MA

Reason # 2: Other dating coaches teach their classes out of their living rooms. You never get to test anything out in real scenarios and get your coaches feedback on how you did. The best they can do is come up with hypothetical situations, that may or may not ever happen to you. With me, you will always get to try things in real life and you will always get my perfect feedback for the exact scenario.

Reason # 3: Most coaches want to teach you to be replicas of themselves. They tell you to dress like them, use their tired pickup lines, use their system, etc. I don’t want you to do any of that. I want to guide you to becoming a better individual, your best self. I always give you multiple ways to do the same thing and leave it up to you to decide which you like best or which works best for you.

Reason # 4: The threshold to be a “coach” in the dating industry is extremely low. That’s why for the last 7 years, I’ve studied the most effective coaching techniques available on the planet right now, and I’ve shaped them to fit the context of dating for men. I have tools that other dating coaches will never even know about. What I do as a coach is help you to go inside, find the best pieces of yourself, and assist you in refining those parts to make you a more attractive man.

With that as my mindset, I began to painstakingly break down the fundamental skills so that they are easy to learn and instill in your mind as habits. It took me over 2 years to develop a course that not only drastically improves your skills with women but also helps you build a lifestyle where you will naturally attract women in abundance.

In all honesty, the course that I’ve built is probably equivalent to, or surpasses what a college professor puts into creating his or her curriculum. Through my material I educate you how to be the best man you that you can possibly be. Through my live in-person training I assist you in pushing yourself past your boundaries, to reach new heights and new possibilities that you probably never imagined you’d reach.

Your experience with the course will be both online and in person. You’ll have an account on this website to access and study the videos, digital books and interviews. Everyday you’ll get an email with a link to log in and view your new content. You are required to keep a journal of your progress so at the end you can look back and see how far you’ve come. We’ll get on the phone every 2 weeks for about 45 minutes to check in, answer any questions, provide any additional support you need, and hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

You’ll also be admitted to my secret Dating Mastermind For Men group on Facebook, where you can post unlimited questions in between calls. Not only will I be chiming in, but other men who are coaching with me will too. This helps speed up the learning curve exponentially because you learn what everyone else learns as well as what you learn. 

• Quickly assess your dating and relationship challenges

• Discover new technology that will blast your dating life into outer-freaking-space!

• Get a girlfriend or get into a long-term relationship

• Start having more sex with women you are attracted to

• Become a more attractive, desirable and holistic man

• Men who understand the benefit of coaching and how it drastically shortens the amount of time it would take you to reach your goals on your own.

• Men who are ready to catapult their results beyond what they ever thought was possible.

• Men who are ready to rapidly change their results with women, who want to become the best man they can be and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

• Men who are open to trying new things to get incredible results, who will receive my guidance and feedback and who will make the necessary adjustments to manifest their own successes.

• Men who want to use and/or manipulate women for sex or other purposes. This is not a shortcut to “bedding” or taking advantage of women. This course is about making you a man that not only women will love, but a man you can be proud to have become.

• Men who are not interested in becoming their best self, who want to stay stagnant where they are in life and, quite frankly, keep sucking with with women.

Part of your course is digital content: 

• An account on this website to gain access to the digital course material

• An email everyday to keep you focused and on track

• 14 digital books totaling over 1050 pages, on each essential dating component you need as a man, you get a new one each week

• 98 step-by-step assignment videos that walk you through your transformation to dating guru

• 25+ hours of private seminar and lecture videos

• 14 weekly webinar meetings to check in and answer your questions and help you through your challenges

• 7 audio interviews with the world’s top dating coaches

• A private coaching forum for you to keep track of your progress

Another part of your course is live coaching:

• 26 individual live coaching calls where we get into what’s going on in your world and guide you to success

• 140+ hours of live practice to grow skills

• Hundreds of the most effective dating skills that I have painstakingly searched out over 7 years

• Countless interactions with women that you are attracted to

• Friendships with the guys in the Mastermind that will literally last a lifetime


I compared this to a major company’s 8 week program at a cost of $12,000, plus expenses. Then I ran some numbers and put the value of the mentorship and coaching program at around $20,000. Actual price? Damn affordable!

Nu’f said.

– Mark, Boston, MA


Matt’s course was worth the time and the money invested. I made every effort to attend each session and found that over the course of the session I had learned various skills that were of value.

I had become persistent with women, I had gained new found confidence in my ability to interact with them, and I had gained a new sense of social intelligence.

As a life long introvert, this was a complete 180 from what I was used to accomplishing. Furthermore, I found the personalized attention during in-field coaching was exactly what I needed to get over the hump of learning these valuable skills in dating and relationships.

– Mike, Hartford, CT

Q: Will I really “get good” with women?

A: You probably already have some success with women that you aren’t giving yourself credit for. When I first started sorting my dating life out, I discovered so many things that I was doing wrong that I felt like a complete failure. If you’ve already discovered a lot of the mistakes you’ve made, you might be feeling the same way. But as I stuck with it and continued to learn, I started to achieve real results and the things I was good at before hand began to reveal themselves. I would learn a new technique and it would make me realize that I’ve already used it successfully somewhere in my life, and not always within the context of dating. Then I realized I just needed to apply the same concept to dating and when I did, I was even more successful. I guarantee that you have some of those skills waiting to reveal themselves too, everyone does.

Q: What if I take a few classes and I find that coaching is not for me, or that this training isn’t for me?

A: This program comes with a 98 day total happiness guarantee. If you’re doing the assignments and you don’t see massive improvement with women, I’ll give you a full refund of every penny, no questions asked. However, you’ll lose access to the material and all of the trainings and you won’t get the results you want. But coaching is something that everyone can benefit from. All it takes is the right mindset and the right approach to receiving help.

Q: Is this course and training available at any time?

A: The digital material is available online at any time, but the live coaching is only available when I can commit to it. The live coaching is a MASSIVE commitment for me because I need to be there every week for the class, regardless of whether I feel like it or not and believe me, there are times I don’t feel like it and go anyway! I always end up having a good time with the class though, and you will too. But I never know when I’m going to run the course again.

Q: Am I required to attend every class? What if I need to go away on business or I have a vacation?

A: No, you are not required to attend every class. While it’s ok to go away on business or vacation, missing class is not a habit you want to get into. You need to make the commitment to yourself to make the improvements that will get you the results that you want. The skill you learn in one weeks class will be built on top of in the next weeks class, so it is essential for you to get each skill so you can put the puzzle together.

And speaking of puzzles… Earlier on I mentioned that during the time that I was studying dating, it felt like putting an impossible puzzle together. What you have here is someone who will literally hand you the cover picture on the top of the impossible puzzle box. All you need to do is make sure you are there for the revealing.

So yeah, vacations and business trips are ok, but missing class because you don’t feel like it is not the best you can do now, is it?

Q: Can I have some more details about the class? What are the books called? What is a digital book? What are the lecture videos and assignments like? Who are the other dating coaches you interviewed? How does the live class schedule work?

A: Absolutely you can have more details! Let’s start with the books and then tackle one thing at a time…

– What Are The Title of The Books?

Every week you’ll get a new digital book that focuses on a new topic. Each book continues to stack your skills one on top of the next. The titles are as follows:

— Book 0 – Course Introduction
— Book 1 – Mindsets That Attract Women
— Book 2 – Becoming Fascinating To Women
— Book 3 – Making Your Place Women Friendly
— Book 4 – Attracting Women In One Second – Part 1
— Book 5 – Attracting Women In One Second – Part 2
— Book 6 – Spot & Respond To Her Sex Signals
— Book 7 – How To Talk To Her And Win Her Over
— Book 8 – An Approach That Compels Her
— Book 9 – Touches That Turn Her On
— Book 10 – Dates That Get Her Ready
— Book 11 – Ruin Her For All Other Men
— Book 12 – Give Her The Relationship You Want
— Book 13 – The Process

– What Is A Digital Book?

—> Here’s a free digital book <— for you to get a feel for exactly how they are in the program.

Matt Adams Dating Series For Men

– What are the lecture and assignments videos like?

Here’s an example of the type of content you’ll be receiving.


And here is an assignment video.


– Who are the other dating coaches you interviewed?

I have recorded several audio interviews with some very notable names in the dating community, including talks with:

– Tim Strong
– Magic
– Jonathan Green
– Jordan Harbinger (Art of Charm)
– Alexander Rose
– Nick Quick
– Steve Piccus (from
The Game)

One final point. Once you have access to the content in the program, you’ll always have access to the material, even after the course is over, unless you quit. That means that at any time for the rest of eternity, you can go back and access the material and get the answers you need.


I recommend Matt’s mentorship and coaching program to all people who are new to dating.

I took his coaching and it greatly helped me in my progress. I have also seen the results of the guys who took his class. They have made giant steps.

Don’t view it as a magic pill or an end-all-be-all. View it as an investment in your growth. What Mark says is true, the value is way more than the investment. I know it because it was exactly the same with the coaching course I did.

So, if you’re new, feel you’re stuck or making slow progress, make the decision and sign up now.

Jalil, Boston, MA


Ask yourself:
– Are you worth having the skills to get what you want with women?
– Are these skills worth having for the rest of your life?
– Are you worth investing in yourself?
– Are your dreams and goals worth achieving?
– Do you deserve what you want in this life?

You know you’re worth it. I know you’re worth. And when you’re getting the results you want with women, they’ll know you’re worth it too.

~Matt Adams



You should register for this program right now because if you need to get your love life in order, there’s no better time to do it than now. Whenever we are faced with doing something “big”, often times our fears can creep up and stop us from taking action and you can’t let that happen.

It usually starts by putting off the decision, saying “I’ll think about it” and then, the next thing you know, a year will go by in the blink of an eye and instead of being far down the road with the woman of your dreams, you may start to forget your dream and your momentum will be lost. The “fates” reward action. Whenever you make a decision you gain power. When you put off making a decision you can become weaker.

If you’re really serious about this, take the reins of your life and make a powerful decision. Even if the answer is not “yes”, make a decision one way or the other. If you want to bounce this decision off of someone, I’d be happy to “coach” you on it. As a coach, I promise to guide you only toward what is 100% in your best interest. Simply email me or call me up to discuss it. Or if you’re ready, then get started right now.

The confidence with women that you gain from participating in this class transfers over and positively affects all aspects of your life. Confidence in yourself always shines through, and it’s worth a thousand times more than the price of the course.

Every dating class for men that I’ve run so far has sold out. Men are quickly realizing the benefit of coaching and moving forward in their life and they are getting themselves on the fast track to success by hiring health coaches and business coaches, and it’s no different with dating. Long gone are the days when admitting you needed help with women meant you were a failure. On the contrary, men who receive help become more successful than they’d ever thought possible.

This class will sell out too, so you better get in as fast as you can because I can’t promise there will be space if you wait. When the register buttons are gone, so is this class!

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    P.S. As if you don’t have enough reasons to sign up yet, here are a few more.


    Seeing that the next round of Matt’s coaching is coming up, as a participant in the first round I wanted to chime in.

    Basically I just wanted to say I had an amazing experience. I had been banging away with approaches but had gotten increasingly frustrated by a lack of results despite my efforts.

    Over the course I was really pushed through my sticking points regarding escalation in a profound and important way. So my results went from a handful of flakey numbers to (finally!) getting real results.

    And that progress happened because I had a support group and motivation to go out every week. And I had Matt’s knowledge pushing me through my fear at key points (a RIDICULOUS value add to have that for 12 months when many dating companies charge 3k+ for only a weekend of coaching!).

    And also, the daily exercises really helped me work through some issues of shame and fear I had. They were intelligent, well honed, and very practical. I especially thought the work on beliefs and goal setting were worth the investment in the course in and of themselves. You might have other things you want to work on but the course is so comprehensive I know you’ll find some answers!

    Now don’t get me wrong – it was hard. A lot of work – I didn’t do every exercise or make every call. I was frustrated at times. I was pissed off at times.

    But it worked. And not just for me. I saw a bunch of the guys make huge (and pretty inspiring) progress.

    -Vince, Boston, MA


    This class was a lot of fun. Literally every single guy in the program got better and made great strides in their game. Vince illuminated what the overall structure was like, so I’ll go in a different direction and give you specific example of the class.

    By Module 7, every guy had done something awesome, there was no such thing as being afraid to approach women, every guy could hold their own. Module 7 however was something I looked forward to as we would get into detailed specifics about conversation which was a sticking point of mine (we had done a lot prior but this was the next level). The cool thing about the course is that it’s not just Matt pushing you for 12 months, it’s also 14 very detailed and in-depth dating books, each around 100 pages or more of content and then a different exercise each day that week to drill it all into your head.

    Book 7 – “How To Talk To Her To Win Her Over” blew me away. Not only is this an amazing book, I think it’s the best dating book on conversation I’ve ever read, and that’s including popular stuff that doesn’t even need to be mentioned. The reason I say it’s the best is because Matt does an excellent job breaking down each concept in a very simple manner instead of making it more complicated than it has to be. For example, I had read about things like Qualification many times, but I didn’t “get it” until I read his breakdown of it. It was an AHA moment for me. I used it to have a seamless one night stand a few days later.

    Some of the highlights of this specific book were..

    • A complete breakdown of 2 ways to begin conversations and 3rd way which no one else talks about (and over 20 strategic ways to start conversations within these frameworks).

    • The effective “chunking up/chunking down” concept. That might sound vague, but it’s a cool thing.

    • Everything you’ve wanted to know about how to smoothly go from one topic to the next, the structure of telling stories, how to tell them in a way where people want to hear how they end, how to coldread, and how to use humor.

    • Creating and breaking rapport.

    • etc…

    It’s very in depth as you can tell and each book is equally as in depth and covers pretty much ever area of need from fashion to how to have good dates to relationships. I’ll be honest though, some of it I didn’t get much out of but only because I had some of it down already or wasn’t in a position to implement it (making tweaks to my apartment to make it more inviting). That being said, I really feel as if I hardly ever have to read anymore dating books ever again because of the depth of the program. Whatever your sticking point, it will be answered here.

    The best part though was perhaps the relationship all the guys formed, by the end of a 12 month trial by fire, it really felt like a brotherhood of sorts. My final night was also perhaps one the most rewarding and fulfilling nights I’ve had in a while… it also ended in the most hilarious fashion too. But that was just my adventure… I highly suggest you take this class and create your own.

    – K, Boston, MA

    Mike's Testimonial - Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

    I’ve only been in the course for about 2 weeks but I can tell you that the investment for this course is a steal. Having a coach, someone that’s been there and able to guide you to better yourself for a 12 month period is priceless.

    Matt is not a “pickup artist”. He’ll show you how to get women but not through routines and fake lines. He does it by pushing you to improve yourself, by naturally making approaches and with the help of a few techniques.

    I’m kicking myself for not doing this earlier but am glad that I finally invested in myself through Matt’s course. I’m already improving myself regarding approaches and other various topics.

    As a plus, it’s good to have a group of guys to help you out and make things fun. Another bonus is that Matt is a believer in ethics and has demonstrated high value in that category. Makes me feel better about myself and knowing that I am not studying to become a misogynist. If you are not happy with your success in women and dating, study under Matt’s wing. Just do it! You will not be disappointed.

    Mike D, Boston, MA

    Ben's Testimonial - Wednesday, July 16th, 2013

    I am very grateful for the coaching I have received so far. Matt is someone who really understands women, and who will open your eyes up to all the weaknesses and opportunities in your what you’re doing. The course is simple to follow, and if you put in the effort you will without a doubt reap the rewards of improving your interactions with women and your life. The Mastermind size is small and there is plenty of time where you can get your questions answered. No matter what level of experience you are, Matt can help you.

    There is no investment with a greater risk reward ratio then this class and there is absolutely no reason not to do this class RIGHT NOW. The epiphanies are gold, extremely valuable, and will last you forever.

    Ben F, Boston, MA

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      Good Luck, And I’ll See You In The Class!

      ~Matt Adams