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About The Men’s 5 Day Workshop


Beginning on Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at 6pm, you’ll begin a serious and intensive learning process that spans five consecutive days. In this environment, you’ll discover any and all mindsets you may have that are holding you back from getting the results you want. This is important, as you will learn the positive mindsets that you will adopt to replace them. We’ll also be discussing your personal goals and what you ultimately want for yourself.

Following that, you’ll learn about what women are actually thinking in a bar or club setting. It’s not what you’ve been raised to believe! Once you understand her mindset, you can then learn how to talk to her so that she actually responds to your advances.

The rest of the night is spent inventing, designing, practicing and reworking your own personal conversations so that you can have maximum success with women. And that’s just the first day!


The seminar on Friday begins with the skills you need to successfully meet women at night. This includes how to socially navigate bars and clubs and how social interactions work at night. You’ll also learn how to work with a friend to increase your chances of successful interactions with women.

After the seminar on Friday we’ll head out to the club. If you require any demonstrations, we’ll provide a little time to watch us interact. Our main focus, however, is to get you out there to learn. I’ll work with you throughout the night and give you both live feedback and post-club feedback at a group discussion at the end of the night.


Saturday’s seminar begins with body language fundamentals, including how to improve your own body language, how to read female body language, and how to respond to female interest signals. You’ll also learn about immaculate grooming, men’s fashion, and personal style. These topics cover everything you need to do to raise your immediate attractiveness to women. Afterwards, we’ll cover more conversation skills like how to flirt with women, how to build deep rapport with them, and how to create the strong emotional connection she craves from you.

Eventually we’ll move on to my “4C” model, which is the essential map you need to keep your interactions moving towards a relationship and includes things like models for conversation, touching and leading a woman from meet to relationship. You’ll learn how to smoothly move out of her ‘just friends’ pile and into her ‘romantic interests’ folder we’ll cover the skills she wishes every man who ever hit on her had to seduce her! Filling out the days seminar and getting you ready for Sunday and Monday’s day time workshops will be your introduction to meeting women during the day.

We’ll wrap up Saturday’s seminar and take a break for an hour before heading back out to the club again. If you require more demonstration I’ll provide some for you before turning the night over to you. Again, more live feedback at the club and post feedback for the group are in order again tonight.


Sunday’s consists of heading out for the live daytime workshop where we’ll go strong for the remainder of the afternoon, before returning to the seminar where you’ll learn about how to set up dates. The last topic of the day you’ll learn about is how to customize your dating process to get the results you want with women, and how to start the relationships you want with that special girl. From there we’ll finally sitting down for the final Q&A session. The last thing you’ll be given is a track to follow to get the results you want!


Schedule wise, Monday starts off just like Sunday with us heading out to meet women during the day. After the daytime workshop we return to the seminar for some finishing work on your conversations and then we’ll do whatever else the group feels like working on until our time is up.


• Seminar (6pm – 11pm) 5 Hours
◦ ◦ Bad Mindsets vs. Good Mindsets
◦ ◦ Goals
◦ ◦ Women’s Mindsets – Night
◦ ◦ Conversation Techniques
◦ ◦ Personalized Conversation Writing & Feedback
◦ ◦ Practicing Your Stack

• Seminar (6pm – 9pm) 3 Hours
◦ ◦ Body Language
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ Improving Yours
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ Reading Hers
◦ ◦ Meeting Women At Night
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ How to Socially Navigate Bars & Clubs
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ Social Dynamics at Night
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ How To Work With A Wingman
◦ ◦ Approaching & Conversation
• Live Coaching Workshop (10pm – 1am) 3 Hours
◦ ◦ Demonstration
◦ ◦ Practice
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ Live Breakdown
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ Personal Feedback
• Post-Workshop Sound Out (1am – 2am) 1 Hour

• Seminar (12pm – 7pm) 7 hours
◦ ◦ Grooming, Fashion & Style
◦ ◦ Flirting, Rapport & Creating Emotional Connections
◦ ◦ The Correct Way To Text & Call
◦ ◦ Setting Up Dates
◦ ◦ Dates
◦ ◦ Physical Escalation
◦ ◦ Seduction
• Live Coaching Workshop (10pm – 2am) 4 hours
◦ ◦ Demonstration
◦ ◦ Practice
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ Live Breakdown
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ Personal Feedback
• Post-Workshop Sound Out (2am – 3am) 1 Hour

• Live Coaching Workshop (12pm – 3pm) 3 hours
◦ ◦ Demonstration
◦ ◦ Practice
• Post-Workshop Sound Out (3pm – 4pm) 1 hour
• Seminar (4pm – 7pm) 3 hours
◦ ◦ Women’s Mindsets – Day
◦ ◦ How To Meet Women During The Day
◦ ◦ Customizing Your Process
◦ ◦ Relationships
◦ ◦ Q&A

MONDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, 2011 (Columbus Day)
• Day Game Workshop (12pm – 3pm) 3 hours
◦ ◦ Demonstration
◦ ◦ Practice
• Post-Workshop Sound Out (3pm – 4pm) 1 hour
• Seminar (4pm – 7pm) 3 hours
◦ ◦ Conversation Drills
◦ ◦ (whatever else the group wants to hear)


21 Hours Seminar Time
13 Hours Live Coaching Workshops
04 Hours Post-Workshop Sound Out

38 Hours of Training Total

Read what men who have taken the Men’s Crash Course have to say about it.


These are immensely powerful teachings you get with this. Matt is an expert in the world of seduction and coaching and this is well worth the price. He taught me a great deal of what I now know and has even directly helped me attain success. 

Matt has put his heart and soul into this secret workshop. You will not be disappointed!

– Andy, Bucharest, Romania

I took the secret workshop with Matt and this is not something you want to miss. When I went out with Matt he totally showed me just how possible it is to make a startling, 180 degree, serious change with women.

During the secret workshop I literally received an astronomical amount of feedback on the various things I was doing: some right, many wrong. Anywhere we went he was pushing me into interactions and watching and working with me to make step-by-step improvements in stepping up my game.

I’m not even talking about simply meeting women. Matt took me to the barber and coached that dude on how to cut my hair and sculpt my beard (although he has since become my personal Hair Salon Don). We went to various retail shops where we not only met women there, but he went over shoes, shirt, pants, belts, how to stand, how to walk. How to meter my voice. Everything. Whatever I needed he was there to assist with.

Anyway. You get the point. Take his secret workshop. I asked him to coach me. He exceeded my expectations.

Bring a pen and notepad! The program he has laid out includes a ton of hours and I can tell you from experience, this dude will be giving you specific insight on the conversations starters you aren’t using but should be, the body language you should be displaying, and the order of operations you’d do well by adhering to when approaching women..

– Ian, Boston, MA

This secret workshop was unbelievable! I made more progress in one weekend than I did the past 3 months. This is INSANE value! Jump on this opportunity immediately!

– Drew, Boston, MA

Matt’s secret workshop was phenomenal! The role play was very helpful and realistic, it helped me to solidify the content that was presented in a real world fashion. All the information was explained in a professional, organized and concise manner. Please do not hesitate taking the secret workshop. I already tried several of the techniques I learned and had awesome results. The value that you will receive for the price is unheard of and will raise your success many more levels.

– D.N., Boston, MA

For the asking price I was blown away. Lots of instruction and lots of quality feedback from a quality instructor. We had a great room and PLENTY of time to pick Matt’s brain.

The lectures were pretty well organized with Power Points and group exercises. We got a bunch of material and custom instruction based on our own personal needs.

The group size (5 total students) was just perfect for the seminar and in-field sessions.

The secret workshop was really intense and I am thoroughly burnt out from a very intense weekend.

I would highly recommend the secret workshop, especially at this price. Just make sure you don’t have anything else going on for the weekend, because it is a lot of stuff in a little time.

– Tommy, California

The secret workshop was great. I learned so much at the lectures and infield, it was incredible. Matt really knows his stuff and is just looking for you to succeed. He really pushed me waaaaayy out of my comfort zone during the daytime workshop and I ended up getting a number, and having a friend of a girl I approached call me two days later… lol. Also I put the skills I learned in the secret workshop to use when I went to visit my brothers college on Sunday night and ended up spending the night with a girl I met there. Thanks Matt.

– Ross, Boston, MA

Awesome secret workshop! I would HIGHLY recommend taking this. A lot of material, a lot of live workshop, and a lot of support. A true bargain as well.
I especially benefitted from the areas of BODY LANGUAGE & effective VERBAL COMMUNICATION.

– Mitch, NH

Matt’s secret workshop was pretty intense. It was a lot of material to cover in a short time. Matt starts out by telling his story & then we get right to it. We probably spend ten to twelve hours over three days just with lecture (before any workshops), taking notes & gaining an understanding of why things work the way they do & the deeper psychological reasons for this.

We write personal stories & practice storytelling. Rewriting & fine tuning as we go along. I never realized the subtle power of words. One right word can raise interest, one wrong word gets you blown out. So many seemingly innocent things I never think about will make a difference. Lot’s of work on out stories. We try to write our own stuff so it’s personalized. We practice over & over.

Friday night before heading out, Matt even drew a diagram of the venue so we could be familiar with it. I was nervous as I drove there for our first night out. Meeting woman in bars was never my thing. I was rattled. I needed to walk around the block to try to get my mojo back. Out on the street I walked up to every person I saw just to say hello & then right back into the club. I am encouraged to approach another group & this time I got some traction & was able to continue the interaction for a few minutes before ending it. By the end of the night I had talked to at least twenty five people with varying degrees of success & I felt pretty good about that. Just the fact that I talked to that many people in a bar was an amazing accomplishment.

Later we get to the feedback session. I am told I am in the learning stage of conscious incompetence. I believe it. That is so much better than unconscious incompetence (failing without realizing why). At least I have some pretty good ideas why I’m failing. And actually, failing is one of the goals of the approaches. The only way the body will get over the fear is to fail until you realize it doesn’t matter.

The next day we practice again before going out. I have problems when first approaching a group of women. We work on my issues and practice this over & over & over, sometimes in slow motion. We even take film so I can see what I look like.

We work hard on my body language. My whole life I have been conditioned to be the Nice Guy, & it’s so hardwired that even when we practice I can’t help but be the Nice Guy. It’s a problem. I guess I knew that before but now it’s crystal clear.

Sat night we were right back to the club. This time it was much more crowded. Talking to women was a little less intimidating in this setting & although I was still getting rejected on regular basis, it was a easier to take. There were a few good interactions that I felt good about. By this time I was introducing myself to everyone, including the guys, something I would have never done before. I looked around the bar saw all these guys just standing there with one hand stuffed into their pocket, holding a beer in front of them like they’re waiting for some woman to just walk up to them & I thought to myself, “That was me just a few days ago.”

On Sunday we review fashion, among other things. I am impressed with the level of detail with which we review fashion, & I am forced to take a hard look at myself. My clothes, my style, my haircut. They all need to change (I am even advised to burn some of my clothes!) but in the end I know he is right. Later we even go to try out shirts for sizes. I always thought I dressed ok, not great, but I now realize I am sabotaging myself even before heading out the door in the morning. I am amazed by the idea that so much effort & planning is required before you even step into that club, or approach a woman on the streets.

We got to the mall late in the afternoon. As soon as we are inside, Matt nods his head toward an elegantly dressed woman walking by & quietly says “Go get her.” (really? I thought.. no warm up?) I catch up to this woman & introduce myself. She is beautiful with a European accent & seems flattered that I wanted to talk to her. We talk for a minute & she goes on her way. A good interaction. As I walk back I cannot hide the grin on my face. I cannot believe I just did that!

This secret workshop was a great experience. I have studied this material in some form or another for several years but until now have never taken real action. This was real action. Without being pushed I would have never met all those women. Never. It sure wasn’t easy, but those interaction, clumsy as they were, represent success. It allowed me to experience what is possible (instead of just reading about it) & although there is a lot of work to be done I am thrilled with my results so far.

Looking back at this weekend just made me smile. Matt is a great teacher & has a really entertaining style. I am also struck by how much he genuinely cared about his students & wants them to do well. Needless to say, I would highly recommend working with him.

– Neil, Boston, MA

I was in the same secret workshop with Neil and I must say, I agree with every word of his review. Yes, it was intense and a lot of valuable information to absorb in a very little time. I got a lot out of this crash course and got myself to a different level than where I was before I took it. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to improve his skills with women quickly. Matt knows his stuff well and he knows how to teach that stuff which makes all the difference because unless a coach knows how to teach well, he’s not a coach. For that price, I’d say, do yourself a favor and jump right in, there will be no regrets.

– Ankur, Boston, MA

I took the secret workshop and I really enjoyed the section on body language. Because of this I have been more aware of this subtle form of communication that often goes unnoticed. I even got a book on this that Matt recommended and as the book suggested I watched a good portion of a movie with the sound turned down so I could watch the gestures and try to guess what was going on.

– Tom, Boston, MA

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Book 2: Openers MatrixThis book organizes the types of openers into 3 categories, indirect, social and direct and arranges them from low to high success rates.

Book 3: Limiting BeliefsThis book examines the limiting beliefs of 17 of my former students. The insight into what other men think helps you understand yourself more.

Book 4: Date 5 Women At Once!This book reveals how I went from not knowing how to get a date to dating and fucking 5 new women in just 9 weeks, while keeping my long-term girlfriend!

After you complete your payment you will be taken to a page where you can download all of those books. On that page, you will also be instructed to fill out an 80-question form that will help me have your Personal Assessment Chart ready for you at the workshop. Your Personal Assessment Chart reveals the areas where you need to most work. I charge $100 for this assessment alone on this same site. Example Personal Assessment Chart:

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